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Roy left home at the age of 15. He was told he was stupid, dumb, no good and would never amount to anything in life. His teachers predicted he would be a failure and would wind up in prison or would be found dead. He developed an inferiority complex along with a root of rejection and a very low self-image.

Roy was living up to every expectation others had placed on him. He was in serious trouble for breaking and entering a couple of weeks after turning 16. It was the best thing that could have ever happened to him. By the time he was 17 everything in his life had turned around. Now all he wanted to do was reach the world for Jesus. He began as a youth leader in a church near Seattle, WA. He then went to Mexico as a missionary for three and a half years, leading many to Christ.

As this time as a missionary ended he began to travel the USA as an evangelist. After a few years doing this he became an associate pastor for a few years. He then pioneered a church, that included a Christian School, and various types of para-church ministry including prison outreach, nursing home and community youth outreach with their gym.

After five years as the senior pastor of this work, God moved them on to Joyce Meyer Ministries, where he and his wife traveled to the conferences and did the altar calls for Joyce Meyer for five years.

At this juncture, Roy was asked to head up the prison department with his wife, Kathy. Roy and Kathy have been with Joyce Meyer Ministries now for over 22 years. 

He completed his master’s degree, in Biblical Studies through Bible University’s online program. The first in his family to ever have a degree. He also authored a book titled, “Exodus Moments,” subtitled, “Leaving Before Behind.”

After the passing of His mother, Roy wrote a song titled, “Mama Prayed for Me.” Over 50 million people have heard that song today. Since that time, he has written several songs that are being played on the radio. Later this year his first album will be released.


Roy has earned numerous awards for his songwriting and recordings, including songwriter of the year, number one song of the year to radio. At the 2018 awards banquet for the Branson Gospel Singers and Song Writers Association, Roy received awards for having 5 of the top 10 songs to radio. He also received the Golden Pen award.

He has led over 200,000 people to Jesus and his desire is to take a million home to Jesus with him. His goal in life; “Plundering Hell to Populate Heaven.”

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